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Ben McConnell - Church of the Customer - Blogging 101 - 9:00AM

Blogs101_1Ben is one of the most entertaining speakers I've seen - ever.  The rest of kind of funny, I'm not funny at all, but Ben interjects a great sense of humor into the blog seminar - something we need, as we don't want to take ourselves too seriously here ;)

The Blogging 101 presentation is an imperative here.  Many of the questions that the attendees have come to answer are some of the most fundamental issues that we need to wrestle with before marketers start blogging.  Some of the questions that Ben, and the rest of us are trying to answer during the day:

- Top do's / dont's of blogging - especially in a corporate context
- What IS RSS?
- How do I choose a writer inside my company for the blog?
- How do you contol all of the negative interaction that I hear about?
- How can I determine which bloggers are credible and which aren't?

Blogging 101 covers almost all of the "questions you wanted to ask about blogging but were afraid you wouldn't look like a proper blogger if you asked."  The funny thing is, we as bloggers, and marketers, are still asking and re-asking the fundamental questions about blogging.

Ben highlights a case example from the airline industry that correlates the 'volume of discussion that people are having about you' (WOM marketing) to the corporate revenues.  The more discussion & WOM, the better the revenues.   Simple, but hard to achieve.  Blogs are helping to bridge that gap.

In true blogging 101 fashion, Ben just created a blog for the group using Blogger, in under 2 minutes!

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