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Dave Williams - 360i - Searching for Blogs - 2:00PM

While not a 'blogger by trade', Dave is phenomenal resource for search & how it plays into the weblog space. 

One of the major issues that we're plagued with in the blog space is the comment spam that's clogging up the blogosphere.  However, thanks to some work on behalf of the search engines, there is now a concerted effort to nix the benefits of comment spamming in all of the major engines.

NewsFactor - Three major search engines have partnered with blog software developers to combat spam that is placed in the comment sections of blogs.

In reality, what the engines are doing is just applying something similar to the commands in the Robots.txt file construct.  SixApart is wholly on board.

Dave's presentation takes an in-depth look at one particular blogger's success with the search engine, namely, Jason Kotke.

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