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Driving to New Media in the Seat of Old Media

Rob Kleine [Digito Society], an Associate Professor of Marketing at Ohio Northern University, dutifully points out that our entire marketing effort for the HotTopic Blog Seminar, up until this blog was launched, was via old media.  Rob found this ironic, but I find it very logical.  Why?

Well, when we take the surveys of the attendees, you might be surprised to find that the people interested in learning about blogs are not bloggers themselves, and have come to get a "101 view" of marketing for bloggers.  Ergo, if we were to achieve maximum attendance (one of, but not the only goal of the AMA for these seminars), we need to reach people in their medium, which, up until the conference, was almost anywhere BUT blogs. 

In reality, our target market here is not "THE BLOGGER", but rather the professional marketing practitioner who is interested, but not yet on the bandwagon.  The final 'pull onto the wagon' is our job, and now that we've got them here, we can segue into the blog world, hence the blog you're reading now.

This is no different that web marketing 'drive-to'.  I always spent more on offline drive to in advance of an online initiative than I did in online.  Trust me, this is still the case for many companies, and it was/is true for us as the AMA as we try to reach people in their medium, and pull them into the blog world.

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Dana - Interesting observations re. the need to use old media to drive people toward new media. I've more comments inspired by your post over at Digito Society (http://digito-society.blogspot.com/2005/01/walking-walk.html).

Posted by: Rob Kleine | Jan 25, 2005 7:27:45 PM

Actually, Rob is somewhat mistaken. Quite a few attendees heard about the AMA's workshop via the blogs of the speakers.

Posted by: Ben McConnell | Jan 26, 2005 12:24:07 AM

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