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Podcast - Robert Scoble

G'day World Podcast interviewed one of Blogs: Marketing Beyond the Website Seattle speakers, Robert Scoble. Steve Rubel, a speaker at NYC  workshop, links to the podcast. Steve calls Robert the poster child for the power of blogging. I call Robert one of the nicest bloggers in the blogosphere and one smart guy!

The podcast is well worth a listen...play it while your writing your next blog post!

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hey thanks for plugging the show Toby! You're spot on, robert AND steve are both great guys and we've been privleged to have both come on our little show (the steve show hasn't been uploaded yet). We'd also love to have YOU come on the show... for all the people from around the world who can't be there this week... you could provide a wrap-up... whaddya think? Email me if you're interested! Cheers,

Posted by: Cameron Reilly | Jan 21, 2005 4:05:38 PM

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