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Getting Marketing Students Into Blogging

Tomorrow morning I'm addressing two groups of marketing students at St. Norbert College in De Pere, WI.  While I'm officially there to discuss the role of marketing in business, marketing as a career, and marketing oneself as they hit the career path, you can be sure that weblogs will find their way into the conversation.

For those of you reading from academia, I would like to issue a challenge to our students to 'innovate their way into promising careers' by using tools like weblogs and other vehicles of self promotion, credibility building and wide-scope social networking. 

While I realize that younger generations are typically quicker to adopt technology, I'm always amazed at the disconnection from the outside world, especially the marketing world from marketing students, that I typically witness in classrooms.

If your students are blogging, or if you're encouraging them to blog, would you please leave a comment with a link?


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