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Make Money From Your Blog

The Washington Post recently published an article on how to make money from blogs.

A Word of Caution - If your blog is a tactic of your marketing strategy, before your company includes ads or sells products that are not directly related to your product offerings, consider how that type of revenue model supports your goals, objects and of course brand. A few shekels might hurt your credibility and erode the positioning you've worked so hard to achieve. On the other hand, if the items that you promote add value for your target audience it could be a way to pay your blog hosting fees.

Ways to Make Money Off Your Blog

-Add Google AdSense ads on your blog
-Include blog ads such as Blogads or Pheedo. Watch this space as it becomes more competitive. The New Jane targets blogs targeted to women.
-Contract with affiliate programs such as selling amazon.com books.
-Pass the hat. Some bloggers are asking for donations. Money is usually sent via  PlayPal
-Sell your products or services such as workshops.

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you can try also allposters affiliate which is very good.

Posted by: ouriel | Mar 30, 2005 8:56:43 AM

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