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Toby Bloomberg - Bloomberg Marketing - Setting the Blog Stage - 8:30AM


As the uber connected blog steward that she is, Toby  opened the day with level-setting discussion on how blogs are chaning marketing, and how blogs are bring us back in history to the proverbial 'corner grocery store' types of relationships that we're all familiar with. (or, at least we used to be familiary with!)

Aside from Toby's kickoff, the New York seminar is particularly interesting in that there are nearly 100 people here, making it one of the largest AMA HotTopic events ever, or so we've been told.  A nerve has been struck with marketers and they're hot on the heels of the blogging trend.

Last night we were discussing that many of the rules and structures that are growing up around blogging are coming from the marketers.  Guidelines, strategies, best practices for blogging, and a myriad of other 'blogging framework'  initiatives are being led, in large part, by those who seek to use blogs for marketing purposes.


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