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What are you NOT expecting from the AMA blog seminar?

Saying "come with an open mind" almost goes without saying.  Though, many of us, before embarking on a journey to a paid conference, have to lay out what our objectives are so that we can get funding for the trip.  It's these objectives that sometimes drive a parochial, tunnel vision when it comes to getting the most out of a conference.

I suggest that you come with two agendas.  The one that your company has, and the one that they/you don't have, at least until now.

Take a few moments and conjure up some of the things that you wouldn't expect to glean from a seminar.  Before you go off the deep end & write down "circus show", or something, let me explain. 

Think simply in opposites first.  Let's say that your coming to get a better idea on how to communicate with your customers.  Well, then perhaps your 'alter agenda' should reflect communications & relations with suppliers, employees, and contractors, as these were groups may not have crossed your mind when you crafted your initial objectives.  Let's also say that your coming to discover some answers on blog technology.  Well, look at the non-tech things like strategy, process, training, and the like.  Plan ahead to look for the unexpected and you never know what you might find!

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Dana -

Great points to keep in mind. Another "take away" is the great networking opportunity you'll have with attendees and speakers. Peer-to-peer, informal exchanges during breaks, lunch and beyond are, as valuable as, the formal sessions.


Posted by: Toby | Jan 8, 2005 3:20:19 PM

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