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Bill Flitter on Stage

Bill Flitter of Pheedo is on stage at the moment discussing whether or not RSS is the marketer's next big thing.  Bill's taking a slight departure from his presentation and has polled the audience for what they need to know on RSS.  Here are some of the topics we'll be covering.  More soon!

What is RSS? - Right Spam Control, time save, control, automatic & direct distribution of content. Truly 100% opt-in channel - you have to take a physical action to subscribe to an RSS feed.

Business Models for RSS Aggregators
Living in harmony with paid advertising
Coypright issues
Bandwidth issues
How to syndicate
Leverage RSS to share content within site & externally
Canibalization of site visits due to RSS
Ad Performance
Creative limitations

One point of clarification that you might find interesting.  From the recent PEW internet study on who's blogging & who's using RSS, they 5% of the internet base that they said was using RSS only represents the 5% who KNOW they are using RSS.  This says nothing for the MyYahoo! users who have been consuming RSS for some time and don't even know that they're part of the trend.

So, what's the diff between bookmarking everything & RSS Aggregators.  Simple.  Aggregation.  Count how many clicks it takes to get to a website via your bookmarks - many.  How many clicks did it take to read via your RSS aggregator - 1.

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