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Blogs Tell Your Side of the Story

Excellent article from ClickZ - Embrace the Blogosphere by Mark Kingdom.

The danger is clear. If businesses don't create their own conversation forum, their brands, products, services, and reputations might be co-opted by others. By telling their side of the story, business can proactively shape preferences and preserve customer loyalty.

Can you afford not to tell your brand's or company's story?

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Posted by: cindy | Mar 19, 2005 4:51:24 AM

I like the selected quote from Mark Kingdom. To me one of marketings many functions is controlling image. Whether it is the corporate image or a brand, marketing needs to help control that image. Consumers are going to make thier own assumptions about your companyor brand. Marketing needs to be there to help steer them in the riht direction Blogs are just another piece of the image management arsnel for the marketer. If you don't control your image, who is?

Posted by: Jason Rasmussen | Aug 29, 2005 1:44:03 PM

Here's a new twist. PRWeb® is offering $1000 to the first blogger to successfully identify all of PRWeb's new platform enhancements as of June 10, 2006. The experiment is open to all bloggers who identify these new features and TrackBack to this release. It's a great example of how to harnass the power of many minds to a marketing push.

Rather than create a press release to announce all of the new features, PRWeb decided to have the blogging community help construct the announcement by utilizing its TrackBack technology.

Any comments on this. Is this a good idea?

Posted by: eagent | Jun 18, 2006 1:42:02 AM

I'd be interested in finding out what kind of response PRWeb is getting to this idea. I see no one has commented on the previous comment thus far. Is this idea getting traction?

Posted by: Martin | Jul 1, 2006 7:02:38 PM

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