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"Marketing Wonk" Dinner in Chicago following AMA Hot Topic - Blogs 2/18

Immediately after the AMA's workshop on blogs, join us for a "Marketing Wonk" dinner. It's an open-invitation soiree for marketing professionals attending the workshop and for marketing pros in the Chicago area.

"Marketing Wonk" receptions are open-invitation, Dutch-treat dinners for marketing people to meet other marketers and talk about their favorite subject: marketing.

There's no agenda, no speakers, no presentations, (and for the sake of everyone's sanity, no selling)... just the chance for marketers to meet other marketers and share their hot marketing opinions.

The details:
    * When: Friday, Feb. 18, 2005
    * Where: The fourth-floor dining area of the Nordstrom building in the Shops of Northbridge, 520 N. Michigan. There are plenty of food choices in the food court. Buy a dinner at one of the court's restaurants and bring it over to the Wonk, which is right next to the Potbelly's.
    * When: 5:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m.
    * Who's hosting: Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba, authors of "Creating Customer Evangelists" and the Church of the Customer blog
    * Who'll be there: Confirmed marketing wonks so far include:
    -- Toby Bloomberg, proprietor of Bloomberg Marketing
    -- Henry Copeland, founder of Blogads
    -- Pat Goodrich, senior director of the American Marketing Association
    -- Bill Flitter, CMO of Pheedo 
    -- Dan Hess, SVP of comScore
    -- Dana VanDen Heuvel, founder of Blog Savant
    -- Clara Nelson of the American Marketing Association
    -- Wayne Pelletier, interactive creative director of 360i
    -- Andy Sernowitz, CEO of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association

    * Cost: Free. Just pay for your own dinner at one of the nearby restaurants.
To see the confirmed attendee list as it's updated, go to http://customerevangelists.typepad.com/blog/2005/02/chicago_marketi.html. If you plan to attend, reply via the comment field at that URL or email Ben McConnell: [email protected]

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If only this seminar could be held in CA... (for those of us who missed the Seattle one and can't travel to Chicago for one day). I've been trying to figure out the best strategy for a blog on our website for months. So back to researching I go!

Posted by: Kendra | Feb 8, 2005 12:04:17 PM

Kendra - just wanted to let you know that the AMA is planning to hold //Blogs//: Marketing Beyond the Website in San Francisco, in April. Details to follow.

Posted by: Clara Nelson | Feb 21, 2005 11:52:01 AM

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