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Scott Rafer from Feedster

Scott Rafer is on stage at the moment.  The communication flow of information in the blogsphere is backwards from the typical broadcast medium.

Broadcast is:
What (channel) - Whom - Effects - Who....whereas the blogosphere is backwards.  You start the blog way before the what.  Pre launch blogs are key here.

A year from now we'll be following blog advertising licenses, that will allow us to generate a more consistent revenue stream.

Scott's made some pretty bold statements here.  Those in tech PR will tell you that the Press Release as we know it will be history in the course of the next few years.  As we become more and more sales and goal oriented, the objective of the press release is changing, and RSS is facilitating that change.  Press releases have just entered into the flow. 

The agencies are ahead on this one, but the rest of the market (their clients) are operting off of the circa 1960's Kotler marketing 101 stuff that we're all working off of.  As a complete aside, there was as study released recently on how older doctors are less effective at prescribing the latest treatments due to the fact that they are so far away from the most current education on the topics at hand.  Scary stuff...for PR too.

The PR piece will be come the defacto marketing tool - Cost Per Acquistion on the Press Release.

Interesting anecdote.  The press release for the Ask Jeeves/Bloglines story was delivered on a Tuesday.  The blogosphere had the story in hand on the Friday before.  CNET had a story 24 hours in advance of the release.  The power of the Blogosphere reigns again.

Identify your offsite audience
- Bloggers
- Commenters
- Readers

Become part of the audience

Be the center of an ecology

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