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Sold Out - Chicago Blogs Hot Topic - Thank You!

Dear Blogmeister:

I'd love to attend a weblog seminar from the AMA, where is the next one?  I can't seem to get into the Chicago seminar because they're telling me that it's sold out. I hear that they're great events, and I want in.

Looking for your advice on how to get more business & marketing blogging advice.

--Sold Out in Chicago

Dear Sold Out in Chicago:

You're right, the AMA Hot Topic event on blogs did sell out in Chicago.  We're very grateful to the entire team of speakers, contributors and organizers for their contribution to making the Hot Topic Series “Blogs: Marketing Beyond the Website” such an outstanding success.  This has been one of the most successful AMA Hot Topic events ever.

You're right about the HotTopic on blogs being a great event.  As a New York attendee wrote, “I applaud AMA's efforts to keep marketing professionals ahead of trends and equipped to stay focused on what is lurking for us all around the marketing bend.”

While there's not much hope for attending the sold out Chicago seminar, I would recommend that if you're in Chicago that you plan on attending the Marketing Wonk reception after the day's event.  There will be a lot of bright markters there to mingle with, bounce ideas of off and answer your blogging questions over a couple of cocktails. 


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