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If Business Week says it, it must be true...

Blogs are forcing a mindset change from "we are company, here is message, you will consume" to "we are company (much more humble), here is start of conversation, please (please?) respond"

Ben McConnell's Blogging 101 presentation really sets the stage for where blogs are at in our corporate universe.  They've more than scratched the surface. They're digging deep in certain, niche areas.  Ubuiquity is not for the blog, for the blog does not seek ubiquity.  Deep and meaningful conversations with unique niches of consumers are the hallmark of the blog.

One of things that Ben's hit on in every session is the need for an About section on your blog.  And I don't mean the corporate about statement that rings as hollow as a 1980's mission statement, I mean a real ABOUT WHY I/WE/THIS COMPANY WROTE THIS BLOG FOR YOU, OUR CUSTOMER. Ok, enough shouting.  Really, when I read a corporate blog, I want to know why they want to talk to me.  That's but one of the questions that the About section of your blog should answer

For those that have not yet read the Business Week article on blogging, I urge you to print it out and put it on your "must read this week" pile.  And, when you're done with that, you have to read Henry Copeland's counter to the Business Week article here.  You be the judge.

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