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Shel Israel takes the stage - Blog or Die

Blog or Die can be translated to "Blog and Die" in certain geographies.  Who knew?

Shel, the recovering PR and marketing consultant had a couple of salient points right off the bat that he learned after working with Regis McKenna (rel
- Dial & Smile is dead (former PR person's strategy)
- Have ongoing dialogue with the technology community

One of Shel's theories is that we're really returning to marketing as it started.  Work of mouth, or conversations with our customers and our customers' conversations with other potential customers. What failed?  WOM doesn't scale well.  Blogging scales.

Broadcast news and marketing came in because WOM could no longer reach.  If 98% of the audience didn't care about the message, so what, you hit a group that would respond and that was efficient, at least in those days (this brings up a point of marketing accountability...more on that later)

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