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AMA Central VA Chapter Blogs

AMA Chapters are joining the blogosphere. David Dolak, branding and marketing blog, links to the Central Virginia Chapter. From what I can tell the Chapter is using the blog as its internet presence.

If you're interested in learning what blogs can do for associations, take a look at Association Inc. authored by Kevin Holland.

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Shout Out For AMA Attendee's Blogs

December 2005, AMA offered the first, in what was to become a coast-to-coast series, on marketing blogs. It was appropriate that the Hot Topic Workshop Blogs: Marketing Beyond the Website kicked off in the heart of the blog world - Seattle. During the next 10 months the program was presented in New York, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco and Atlanta. Over 260 marketers came to learn and network.

Ken Bernhardt, Regents Professor of Marketing, Georgia State University, gave the workshop high praises. "This was a terrific workshop - - informative, cutting edge, and extremely useful. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to really understand what's happening in the marketing communications environment." However, the best reward was that we ("we" as in all of the presenters!) had the opportunity to help and encourage people to explore the uses and benefits of marketing blogs.

At year's anniversary, I wanted to offer a special  "shot out" and say congrats! to the marketers who courageously launched  or tweaked  blogs as a result of the program.  Corporate and personal blogs were created and we even inspired a citizen journalist blog - McChronicles! If I've left out your blog  please let me know.

External Blogs

-Company: Indium Corporation
Participant: Rick Short
Blogs: Dr. Lasky's Blog and Rick Short's Blog

-Company: Microsoft
Participant: Kevin Brody
Blogs: MSDN Student Flash (in the process of relaunch) & Windows Live Team Blog & Seattle Duck (personal)

-Company: Quality Service Marketing
Participant: Sybil Stershic
Blog: Quality Service Marketing Blog

-Company: Sterling International
Participant: Stephanie Cates
Blog: Rescue Bug Blog

-Company: Boston Test Prep
Participant: Ben Carcio
Blog: BTP Blog

-Company: Better Management
Participant: Chas Martin
Blog: Management Speak

-Company: Revolution Communications 
Participant: J. William Seccombe
Blog: Communication Revolutions and All The Buzz About Travel

-Company: Cincom
Participant: Dale Wolfe
Blogs: Simplicity Blog and Context Rules Marketing

-Company:Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry
Participant: Kathy Woolver
Blog: Current

-Company: Versant
Participant: Jason Whitman
Blog: Versant Blog Center

-Company: Symmetricom
Blogs: It's About Time and Perfect Timing

-Company: JWT Specialized Communications
Participant: Sean Mulholland
Blog: JWT Specialized Communications Blog

-Company: Clif Bar
Participant: Stephen Houghton
Blog: Clif Bar Blah Blah Blog

-Company: Zip Realty
Particpant: Myron Lo
Blogs:  Zip Realty Corporate Blog and Real Estate Market Conditions Blog

-Company: Emerson
Participants: Jim Cahill and Deborah Franke
Blog: DeltaVNews

-Company: IBM On Demand
Participant: Sher Taton
Blog: Corporate Blogging (personal) and IBM On Demand Blogs

Internal Blogs 
-Company: Akron-Canton Airport
Participant: Kristie VanAuken

-Company: Emerson
Participants: Jim Cahill and Deborah Franke

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