Good Morning Marketers! Are You Using Every Advantage?

Think:  What have you done today to make yourself a better marketer and more valuable to your clients and employer?


OK, what did you come up with?  Lots, I hope!  For those that are still searching, here are a few ideas that you can employ NOW!

- Blog your way to a better career, or better position with your clients. Napsterize your knowledge and put your voice out there!
- Get involved!  The AMA Sigs, your professional trade groups, or any gathering of like (or diverse) minded professionals is an opportunity to expand your horizons. 
- Still eating alone?  Take a co-worker to lunch or call up a local business owner.  You are your network.  No one close by, then start a blog and network virtually!
- Join the AMA, if you aren't already a member.  Nothing like being part of the greatest collection of  40,000 marketers you could ever imagine!

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