RSS - A Little Peep

RSS - or Real Simple Syndication - is one of elements that turns blogs (and web pages) into powerful communication vehicles. If you're not sure of what RSS is all about  Seth Godin has posted a simple non tech explanation.

RSS is just a little peep, a signal, a ping that comes from a favorite blog or site, telling your computer that it has been updated.

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Help Selling Blogs In

One of the attendees from the Boston AMA Blogs: Marketing Beyond the Website workshop is looking for a few innovative approaches to help him sell-in blogs to his management. He's asked for help from the AMA blog community. The following are the concerns that he's struggling with:

- Blogs are time consuming and need a full time blogger to write, monitor comments/trackbacks and manage the bloggging process.
- A board is more dynamic in nature, people have the freedom to post whatever they want. People from the company, as well as, other other readers can respond - much the same as they would via a blog.
- A full-time employee is not necessary to implementing a board. Company saves on human resources.

The company is also interested in developing RSS feeds for targeted segments. Can RSS feeds be password protected so that only specific people are able to subscribe to the feed/or read the feed?

Thanks for your help!

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RSS For Non-Techies

Blogs are a wonderful thing. But - it's RSS technology that puts blogs on steriods and gives them even more punch and power.

BL Ochman, What's Next Online, has written one of the best non tech explanations I've read on RSS: A Totally Non-Techie Expanation of What You Need To Know About RSS. The article includes resource links and examples of how websites too are leveraging RSS for media releases, product updates and newsletters.

Bloglines, a popular newreader, is now including FedEx, UPS United States Postal Service Package tracking via RSS in its feeds.

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Definitive, Comprehensive Book on RSS for Marketers!

There's a new e-book out on RSS for marketers: "Unleash the Marketing and Publishing Power of RSS" by European e-marketer Rok Hrastnik, who spent the last year or two researching an exhaustive review of RSS & syndication technology on the web. I was interviewed for the book, along with 30 other folks in the blogging/RSS space.


Having read an advance copy of the book, I can say that I'm honestly blown away by the thoroughness of Rok's approach the subject, from both a technical and marketing perspective. Rok literally left no resource unchecked and no stone unturned as he put together this seminal resource on RSS.  The best thing is that It's a living document - Rok has committed to constant updates that will be available to purchasers.

Rok has put out a great resource on RSS that covers the ins and outs of RSS in 550 pages, and he'll be updating the ebook as necessary.  It's also among the least expensive e-books (especially at 550 pages) that I've seen at under $40.

Check it out: Unleash the Marketing & Publishing Power of RSS

Disclaimer: I did contribute to the book.

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